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How we work

  • O2-Protocol will finance CO2 projects certification thru CO2 Offseting certifiers binded thru a legal agreement with the project owner
  • We will develop and elaborate proyect design documents (PDD) based on UNDP template
  • The PDD will be presented to the certifier for its endorsement, to subsequently obtain a CO2 compensation certificate, known in the market as Carbon Credits
  • The certificate is then tokenized through a two-way bridging web3 application on the blockchain for conversion into NFTs, then exchanged into a stablecoin such as USDT or USDC
  • O2-Protocol keeps 50% of the stablecoin (USDC or USDT) and 50% goes to the project owner
  • 50% of the USDT or USDC is swaped to buy back O2PR token and remaining will be used to finance new projects certifcation and liquidity provider pools
  • Finance of carbon offset certification projects. O2-Protocol keeps 50% of the face value of the certification at market prices in DEX.


    Tokenization of carbon offset certificates allowing instantly the swapping for other cryptocurrencies through decentralized exchangers (DEX).


    Receive a share on O2-Protocol revenues. Carbon credit project owner will have access to exclusive and special financial benefits.


    Retire carbon offset credits back into real world.


    O2-Protocol will manage certification process and tokenization of selected projects elected thru votation by smartcontract locked O2PR tokens holders .


    Profit revenues from O2-Protocol treasury will go to liquidity pools, which will become available to users for borrowing at premium discount for leverage farming.


    O2-Protocol will constantly create income from real world financial assets based on carbon offset certfications and buying back O2PR tokens from the market creating buy pressure.


    Lock your O2PR token on our smartcontract (stake) and receive a share of the platform overall income revenues and access to voting power on the platform proposals like projects selections and liquidity farming pools creation for the leveraged farming.


    Products Details

    Get to known more about our farming strategies,carbon offset projects types & aims.

    product images

    Leveraged Yield Farming
    Estimated APR between 20% - 200% on leveraged liquidity pools.

    Liquidity pools tokens: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic, Litecoin, carbon offset tokens, stablecoins & O2PR tokens.

    product images

    Tokenization of carbon offset projects in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay (MERCOSUR)
    Reforestation & protection of forests

    With an strategic alliance with NGO's in the MERCOSUR, O2-Protocol will
    work forward with land owners helping them aquiring carbon offset certifications and tokenization
    helping those project owners generate revenues income on their reforestation and/or forest protection
    thru our platform.

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    Reforestation, Solar Panels & Wind power projects

    Partnership with Solar panels & wind power companies startup projects.
    O2-Protocol will be able to finance them and become also a shareholder.
    Hydroelectrics will also be in the aim thru special partnership agreement with country governments in the future.


    This is our 2023 roadmap, and its possible we agregate even more tasks thru the current year.

    April, 2023SEED ROUND
    roadmap image

    ● Seed Financial Round
    ● Private Sale A
    ● Private Sale B
    ● Legal status establishment

    roadmap image

    ● Leveraged DAPP
    ● Integration Crowdfunding platform DAPP business
    ● Launchpad Carbon Offset Projects

    roadmap image

    ● Carbon Offset NFT Marketplace
    ● Carbon Offset Tokenization Bridge
    ● Mobile APP

    November, 2023LEGAL COMPLIANCE & KYC
    roadmap image

    ● Soy, Rice, Wheat & Corn commodities tokenization
    ● KYC compliance
    ● Anti Money Laundry compliance
    ● Debit card partnership
    ● Integration of commodities tokenization (soybean, rice, corn, wheat)

    About Us

    O2-Protocol started as a concept idea in early 2020.
    By 2021 O2-Protocol started a pre-incubation process with the National University
    of Asuncion, Start-up Lab division and we finished in early 2022 after a long research
    in several areas like marketing, finance, carbon offset market, agricultural business
    among others area.

    By mid 2022 we started the final incubation process and the final result stage is now.

    This is the first time in all crypto world, were a DeFi project combines with
    a real business model like carbon offset trading and regenerate money flow to
    the crypto enviroment.

    Team members

    team member

    Cesar is a lawyer and blockchain developer with over 12 years experience in laws and over
    20 years in programming & stock exchange trades.

    Cesar Saguier CEO/CTO, Blockchain dev
    Lawyer, Founder
    team member

    Maria Liz brings a solid portfolio of financial management and administrative experience.
    She has vast experience in the field of laws & notary, as well as in administration and portfolio management.

    Maria Liz Galeano Chief Financial Officer & Legal Advisor
    team member

    Ale is a marketing stragist consultant and advisor, with a vast network of contacts at various levels internationally.
    He has a Master of Science in engineering and management with more than 21 years.

    Alejandro Nuñez Chief Strategy Officer
    Marketing & Innovation
    100 Millions O2PR Tokens

    The voluntary carbon offset market, which was worth about $2 billion in 2021, will grow to $10-40 billion in value by 2030

    There will be no more than 100 millions O2PR tokens and with current market size of $2 billions
    that is a 1:20 ratio, which translate to a $20 per token with current Carbon offset market cap.
    O2PR will constanly add marketcap value thru the injection of new project certification and tokenization.

    Token Distribution

    O2-Protocol will utilize a vesting model of 12 months for each financial round at an average of 8.33% monthly vesting to avoid price dump and pump fluctuations.

    ● Seed round: O2PR token price will be offered at 0.65 MATIC per 1 O2PR token
    ● Private Sale A: O2PR token price will be offered at 0.67 MATIC per 1 O2PR token
    ● Private Sale B: O2PR token price will be offered at 0.69 MATIC per 1 O2PR token

    Airdrop: 0.1%
    Development: 20%
    Liquidity farming: 26%
    Seed, Private Sale A & B: 25%
    Team founder: 20%
    Marketing & Advisors: 8.9%

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